It's a wrap! | Day 05 Birthday series 2019

Hello dear reader!

So, we are arriving at the end of this series and I'll wrap it with my last card which is a very simple design Birthday card but made with tons of Loves;

The image was coming from day 15 Magnolia Advent Calendar and as usual, you can watch the video about making this card on Magnolia Youtube channel HERE

This is the closer look,
Banner dies is DooHickey and background was watercolor washed.
Finishing it up with Pretty Pink Posh sequins.

No longer words this time because today is Christmas Eve!
Let's prepare for our hearts and...
Wishing you all A very Merry Christmas!

Birthday series 04 | Magnolia Advent day 14

Hi there everyone!

Today we are arriving on day 04 of my mini-series with the Birthday theme and for today I am featuring the goodies from day 14 Magnolia Advent calendar 2019.

It just a stamp but no image, a stamp with chevron pattern
so, let us dive in together;

I also use an extra stamp which is a mini Tilda that came from an extra bag if you ordered the Advent calendar from Magnolia on Early bird time.
She is seriously super cute!

I colored her with watercolor and fussy cut her then slip her on the "O"

The process I make this card was filming on HERE

I hope this simple card will give you inspiration,

Have a good day!

Birthday series 03 | Magnolia Advent day 13

Hello everyone!

It's me again for day 03 my Birthday series this December.
For today's post, I am featuring an image that came from bag number 13 of Magnolia Advent calendar and she is super cute, I mean it!

I really love her at the very first sight!
Instantly I got imagination that she should jump happily because she has her birthday, or another happy day, whatever!
so, I want to make a card that shows her moving.

Actually, there aren't any fancy steps here, just move the panel and doing some third-generation stamping with the image itself.
If you want to see what I am doing you can watch the video HERE

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey

Have a great day everyone!

Birthday series 02 | Magnolia Advent day 12


I’m back today with more inspiration from the Birthday mini-series.

This month for my mini-series, I am creating batches of Birthday Cards. It is that time of year where the to-do list can seem unending! I can't believe I am so far behind this year with not a single birthday card was written yet.

I am featuring the goodies from bag number 12 of Magnolia Advent calendar, you can watch the video of this on HERE
and I made a circle card decorated with some die cutting of Magnolia dies - DooHickey

Here are some closer looks;

Some details;
I made the circle frame with two pieces of circle dies, any circle dies would be fine and then the background was ink blended with Distress Ink pads.
I color the images using watercolor and the happy birthday message was Mama Elephant clear stamp.

A Birthday is a new beginning -
A birthday is the first day of another lovely year,
A year of new tomorrows that is shining, bright and clear,
A year of possibilities as endless as the sky,
and a chance to meet the challenges in everything you try.

Author Unknown

Birthday series 01 | Magnolia Advent day 11

Hi everyone!!

In December, I have so many reasons to love this month...
yes! I am a Sagittarius girl that born on December :)
and my youngest son has the same zodiac as me.
another reason is, I feel so peaceful in December with the weather and season.

Okay, I can't type more words but let me invite you to join my mini-series with Birthday theme in five days ahead, yeah a week before Christmas!
and without further ado, let's start with this day 01

can I say, Happy Birthday to me? LOL!!
just kidding!

A birthday.. for me is a day for looking inside in me...
what I have done and how to manage myself to be a better me. I might not be able to please everyone, and always fit in with many things, but I will always try to find beautiful harmony through everything.

Birthday, not just a cake. yes, it is right but a cake will complete a birthday isn't it? :D :D

Today, on the bag from day 11 of Magnolia Advent calendar I got two beautiful charm and after I think about hours... I decided to use them together and combine it with a Birthday cake that I cut with DooHickey dies from the bag of day 08.

The happiest place to celebrate Birthday is our home! and the most delicious cake is a cake that we enjoy together with family whatever the cake flavor it should be still the best at all.

you can watch the video how I made this card HERE

Wishing you all, The best day!

Magic Winter

Hello crafty friends!

I appreciate you're taking your time to visit my post, on this season.

If you bought the DooHickey dies club from Magnolia you might remember this card published on the magazine that comes along with the die set. In case you missed it – I’m sharing this card here on my blog.

Let me write down some of my favorite quotes about winter;

"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake
it is necessary to stand out in the cold." 
- Aristotle

"I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, 'Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.'" 
- Lewis Carroll

If you're living on the tropical island just like me, you will know how I learn to imagine living with Winter :)
and what I am dreaming about the snow...

I just feel, Winter like a Magic!

Can I interpret the winter season well? I do not know!
but I always dream of everything beautiful about winter.

Well, anyways this December I do love to read more about Winter and Snowy.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." 
- Albert Camus

A very warm hug from me to every single of you!

Half dozen warm wishes from Frosty Forest | Winter Tags

Hello friends and happy December!
 This is my 1st post for December Blogging.
Maybe this is a little different, I have a half dozen warm wishes on tags, and they are inspired by the Frosty Forest.
I’m sharing them here on my blog and will share it on my Instagram too, so do take a look!

I started working on my card by selecting things I wanted to use - I used various crafty things from Dies to stamps and mostly from Magnolia company [of course!]

and there is the zooming of my favorite;

“When life gives you snow, make the cutest snowman.”
But tell you the truth, that I love them all... 

Who can leave mitten behind when the winter is coming?
No winter lasts forever,
so let's wear your best mitten and be trendy!

and how beautiful the winter is...

I love to send the warmest wishes to every single of you!