7 Days of Easter - Day 07 Galaxi background painting

Hello !!

Finally, this is my day 07 from 7 days of Easter this year :)
and since I adore how some crafters out there can make the awesome galaxy background for their card, I really want to try it .. so, when I get this opportunity I did it!

I am featuring Edwin with laser sabre .. He is playing Star wars as Jedi :) :)

and I make a key chain using the dies that come along with the stamp on bag number 7 Hoppy Easter

I share how I paint the background on this video:

Supplies : Magnolia Hoppy Easter day 07 ; W&N watercolor ; ME wording

Thank you for reading, Have a great day!


7 Days of Easter - Day 06 Spring Journal with Tilda

Hello dear readers,

I'm back again, yeah .. it's good to be back :) :)
and today I have my day 06 from the 7 days of Easter this year and it's about a journaling ..

currently I am in love with my Traveler's notebook ; I can write and doodling what ever I want and  the most I love is I can play with some water coloring too ..
When I opened my day 06 from Magnolia Hoppy Easter .. I got some new toys for my notebook .. yey!!
and I decided to write my Spring journal with Tilda;

Ti;da happy face so cute!, I think I want to play more with her later .. how about soon ? yeah.. I promise!

I am platying with water coloring, free doodling some spring flowers, write a spring poem ..
oh I just felt kinda love with the Spring Smile!

you can watch me when I did it on this video;

Supplies : Magnolia Hoppy Easter day 06 ; W&N Cotman watercolor ; Sarasa Sepia

Enjoy your day everyone, Have a beautiful Spring!


7 Days of Easter - Day 05 Shade of Lilac


It's me again and I have something delight today ..
and I called my card; Shade of Lilac 
I love the beautiful flowers are, and they made this word a better place to life.

The Lilac flowers was making from Magnolia dies, and trust me it was so versatile!
I can't imagine that Magnolia will make this dies and the Lilac coming from this dies really beautiful!

Here more closer to see the Lilac;

Aren't they are gorgeous ?
I have filming how I make this card here;

Supplies ; Magnolia Hoppy Easter Day 05; Magnolia vintage box vol 1, 2

Have a great day everyone! 


7 Days of Easter - Day 04 Art Envelope

Hello ..

Today is sunny day here!
and here is my day 04 on this 7 Days of Easter
3 days to go .. yey!
p.s. I will post the day 05 though ;)

Ok, today I have an Art Envelope ..
I am so inspired after i saw some crafter make an evelope so beautiful with water coloring and hand lettering .. about hand lettering .. I still learn for that so, this time I just paint my envelope;

and I personally love how it turns out .. I like its delight and I think I am gonna addict to make this kind of envelope :)

I am so happy to have my personalize stamp, they are so cute even I didn't color the mini image.

Spring .... I always think about all the beautiful of the spring :)
you can watch how I made this envelope on this video;

Supplies : Magnolia Hoppy Easter day 04 ; Magnolia personalized stampz

Thank you for reading, Have a lovely day!


7 Days of Easter - Day 03 Stationery Box

Hi again everybody!

Today's post id about what I make for day 03 Easter week :)
and what I am gonna share is a stationery set ; folding box and decorated paper clips.

as an ice cream lover, I am so exciting when I get this stamp and dies!
if you see that I didn't use many colors for ice cream is just because I am a vanilla lover too.. so my favorite one is : all scoop vanilla and mocha caramel :) :)
but for the shaker ... I put colorful filling .. " if I can't find a rainbow on cloudy day, I buy an ice cream and it pretty much the same thing "  .. hee hee ..

I use several kind of my dies to decorated the paper clips
and the rest of the clips I keep them on this folding box ;

I share how about to make this set on this video;


Supplies : Magnolia Hoppy Easter Day 03
Thank you so much for visiting me today and find your ice cream!
Have a good one!

7 Days of Easter - Day 02 Favorite Quote

Hello readers,

as I promise you to share my project for 7 days of Easter, so here is the day 02
and I am showcasing my favorite quote on my project;

I made a card, just one layer .. yes only one layer flat and the shape is postcard size with postage edge.
Tilda is coming from Day 02 Hoppy Easter and using Gansai tambi Starry gold for splatters. 
I am using a postage frame dies from Magnolia Vintage Box - Air Mail set
After my card is finished, I stamp my personal stamp on the back side, than I wrap it and I give some tags to complete it.

The cutest personalized stamp is from Magnolia : Personalized Stampz ; you can order yours HERE
and about how I make this project you can watch this video

Ok, and this is a short post :)
Hope you enjoy to read it anyway and get some inspiration from here.
I'll see you again, Have a good day!

7 Days of Easter - Day 01 Close to my Heart

Hi all!!

How are you and is there any bunnies still around ? hee hee ...
I've got a little bit busy on this early April but I still want to share all things, one by one ..
and this is for Day 01

Today is about making background, and I choose to painting a beach scene
I use Winsor & Newton watercolor paint, but keep in mind  that on card making, we can use whatever we may have, if you have an artist grade watercolor, is great! but if you have school grade on hand, it was totally fine! and go with it .. your hand and passion is the most important thing.

I also make a faux iron anchor from a die cut out paper,
for more detail how I make this card you can watch on this video :

Supplies : Day 01 Hoppy Easter from Magnolia Rubber stamp.

Thank you so much for reading and see you again!
Have a great day!


Daffodils missed the butterfly | Spring story on notebook

Dear readers ....

Today's is sunny day when I am writing this post :)
and I bet all of you already get the Spring fragrant, aren't you ?
I am so want to hear stories around this globe about the spring, and how beautiful it was ..
but, it is ok if I haven't get it now, I will try to do something crafty with my traveler's notebook about the Spring.. hopefully it was just fine :)

I realized that I have a lot stock of stamps and I feel sorry if I just use them for card making, I want to do more! so, I try to use them to decorate my traveller's notebook .. 

Always love the words about friend and best friend ...

... and these two images can fit each other, how cute they are!

It might be a short post from me, but I will try my best to be here again pretty soon!
So, Thank you so much for reading my post today and hope you'll get some inspiration to use your stamps and stuff in many ways too.
Have a nice day everyone!