Spring, Spring is finally here! | Flowers doodling on traveler's notebook

Dear readers ...

Wishing you a good day!
Today's post is another watercolor doodling from me :)

On my traveler's notebook, I wrote a poem  I found around the internet and I am so in LOVE with it.
yeah ... Spring is finally here! Hope the words describe that all of you already surrounded by the beautiful season!

I just want to keep that poem on my notebook so  if you spot any ugly handwriting, I am so sorry for that, I try to be better next time :)
I am doodling some flowers, painting with watercolor direct on the notebook was pleasant to me!
and I use two sizes of brushes; number 0 and 4
A new color comes to my box, cobalt turquoise from Winsor and Newton has won my heart! 
that color so beautiful to background my doodling

I want my journal today more cheerful, so I pick an image from Magnolia stamp : Dressed for Festivity Tilda and I coloring her using soft tone color so she looks more charming :)

How can I resist from these beautiful words from Robin William ..
so, let's join the party!
Yellow, Red, Green ... all blooms together .. yeah Spring is finally here!! 

That's my post for today :)
Thank you so much for reading,
I hope you can find something here that inspired you. I'll see you again!


Easter Blessings | Faux wooden cross using watercolor

Hi readers!

I hope the beauty of spring will soon arrive, and butterfly sorely missed its arrival!
and flowers ... who doesn't want to see them to bloom again?
yeah .. Spring will let the winter get their vacation .. LOL!!
Ok, beside  the beautiful things .. the Easter blessings is the most beautiful for me!
and  all of this has inspired me to make my project bellow ..

I made a faux wooden using watercolor, wood grain stamp {from Magnolia Vintage Box} and clear embossing powder.

I just make it simple yet elegant to focusing on the die cut [ Cross with Flowers and Leaves ].
and some gold sequins will add some shinny touch. 

and for the biggest shape [ Cross with Wreath ] I am using it to make a bookmark.
I think the faux wooden grain looks more details on the big cross.

Here is the 3rd one, and this set called Cross with Dove, and really the dove is so beautiful and peaceful.

About the faux wooden I'll show you how to make them on this video :

Thank you so much that you are sticking with me here and reading my blog post.
I'll see you again .. Have a great day1


The most rare and beautiful flower | Painting on traveler's notebook

Hi all!

I hope you are in well and get the most beautiful weather out there!
Here is one of my Traveler's Notebook pages :)

Here, the city I live we got some windy and rainy days. Few days ago we got a bit scary with strong wind! it leads some fallen trees. But everything okay now .. :)
and the other unpleasant things, my hand was slightly injured so .. not so comfort to color and crafting ..
I tried to forget and because of my strong desire to paint then I have this to share with you all ..
Hope this is ok :)

I have gathered all my courage to paint directly to the page, and so far I satisfied with the result!
the paper is very convenient, and have not a problem with watercolor, so I really pleased!
I used regular brush no 2 and the paint I used here is Kuretake Gansai Tambi.
The square stamp is my name in Chinese :)

I also use an image, she is from Magnolia rubber stamp - Singapore Tilda and she was colored with same colors tone of the flowers and branches.

Okay, if you read the words there, yes I was doing my hand lettering.. I am so sorry if that wasn't good enough .. I will learn more  ...
and yeah, that sentences is my favorite all the time! { I am a BIG fan of Disney 's movie ! lots of my art work inspired by their story and I addicted to classic story}

That's all from me today :)
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll get some inspiration.

Have a great day!

Hello dear March ...


Today is 1st day of March .. How time flies way too fast, I still can feel the feeling of December but it has been three months ago ..
anyway .. Hello dear March!! Let's be nice and I wish everything gonna be OK!

... sometimes I want to play some layering instead a simple design, but yeah .. it's me and my style .. hopefully it could be a nice inspiration though :)
I am featuring an image from the latest release of Magnolia stamp: Lovely emojis - Okay Tilda.

When the rain starts to go, the sun shine more even bright and that inspired me for some butterflies .. 

... and some of die cut from Magnolia DooHickey club several editions.

Supplies :
Magnolia stamp - Okay Tilda (Lovely Emojis 2017)
Magnolia vintage stamps - Airmail
Dies - DooHickeys various kit
Rose gold sequins - Pretty Pink Posh

I also so want to share a song about butterfly, that I love so very much .. 

Thank you so much for stopping here, I appreciated your visit ..
Have a great day and Happy crafting!