Tilda Trip episodes, the winners are ...

Hello readers!
This is my post to announce the winner from my last Tilda Trip episode, first I wanna say thank you so so so ..  much! from the bottom of my heart for all your supports, encouragements and all the spirit that you drop here on my blog space, and I am so grateful to have you all!
I will not be able to go this far without the support of all of you, on this blog I can practice to improve my writing skills in English, sharing my work and hoping to inspire many friends.
and all of that magically happened!
Summing up for my three Tilda Trip episodes, today I have the winners!
Please keep in mind that for the true I really wish I can mention all my readers as the winner, but  yeah anyway the three person was picked and they are :
Christy Design
Congratulation for all of you girls!!
and please send me an email at yulis.kartika77@gmail.com for the detail of your address so I can sent the goodies for you :)

Again, I thank you so much for all of you my dear readers, hopefully I can do another happy sharing in the future.
your visiting is the most I appreciate, so I always love to say, see ya!

Tilda trip - Round 3 (Time for giveaway)

Hi everyone!
I hope you're enjoying my blog post about Tilda trip so far, and having a good read when you stop on each post,
I apologize for my English if there is misspelled here and there, we speak Indonesian everyday so write in English on every blog post is such a challenge for me. But I want to learn more and hopefully I can improve my English.
I realized, there is no shame in being honest,  in being vulnerable. It is the beauty of being human (as I ever heard from one of my lecturer)

Oh yes, on this post I have a few things to update you including the information about the giveaway that I wanna sent to 3 of my dear readers.
So stay with me until the very end for all the news will you ? Because I would love to hear your thoughts.

so, here there are the last stop of Tilda trip, round number 3 :

Story 03 :

As it was known that Tilda and her friends had their trip during their school holidays, and when the holiday is coming to end they decided to return to the city. The rest of the last day they used to gather together in the city park, where they brought their  notebooks and complemented each other the missed stories they experienced while going together. In that park they also bought cotton candy and enjoyed it with laughing together ..
How happy the school period is especially when the holidays arrive. but after this they have to go back to school.
They must be serious and diligent in learning so that they will become successful people and make their parent proud!

The End

Tilda and friends see a roller coaster on the way home ... 
there might be another story about roller coaster :)
if we have another chance ....

This my note :)
I am using my Midori traveller's notebook from Travelers company to journal and write some ideas, I used regular size but for daily working I love to use a passport size which is more handy.
I love to write freely, because this is my journal I can do and write everything I want.
it is not easy at the beginning though, but nothing can change if I don't do something, I have to be brave,  have fun with all of the ideas and not be afraid of making any mistakes ..

I am featuring I am featuring an image from Magnolia Class Trip - Tilda with Cotton Candy
the gorgeous designed paper is from Magnolia.

Cotton Candy ..
 remind me about my childhood, the best and bright moments i wish could have lasted forever!

We all learn about life from childhood
and learning is always from the beginning
as well as my journey in painting, I learned from only use the basic colors ...
I hope I can share this gift and encourage you to keep creating!
so, these are the gifts I will sent to 3 of my dear readers,

all you have to do for the chance to get the gift is simply leave a comment on this post, and there will be more chance if you also willing to leave your love / word on the Round 01 and Round 02
I will pick the winner on September 16th at 07.00 p.m GMT+7
I cannot truly express my gratitude for you , and all your support for my work.
You are simply wonderful, Good Luck!

Tilda trip - Round 2

Hello again everybody!
Hope that you still with me, and today we will jump to the round 02 on this episode of Tilda trip :)

Because after I counted, I have been with you for more than 6 years on this blog, I want to share a little something for you, honestly I want to share with all of you ... like we'll hanging out together to enjoy ice cream? .. :)
I will choose 3 of you, my good friends ...and send that little gift from my desk in Indonesia :)

 it's simple way, just leave a small message of your love or thought on the round 01, 02 and 03 if you are willing and if you might want to follow me on Instagram it will give an extra cheers for me, let me know ..

I will return later on round 3 and this is round 2;

Story 02 :

After a few days, Tilda and her friends arrived at a very pleasant place. yes, they arrived on the beach! This beach not only has sand but also there is a fishing village there. Tilda and her friends learn how the fishermen live, they are enjoy some fresh young coconut water and the delicious grilled fish on the beach, it's fun! They didn't forget to write down all the practice they got during this holiday season ... and of course they do a must thing during on trip, taking pictures together!
Looks like they have to go back to the city, because the holidays almost over, so the next stop should be around the city park..
Ok let's follow their next trip!

  I started working on this card by stamping the image on Canson Illustration paper (it is 200gsm paper), coloring her using watercolor paint, and then I paint the background using Sakura watercolor paint, oh yes I have so much fun to trying this paint anyway ..

I am featuring an image from Magnolia Class Trip - Sightseeing Tilda

I cut the lace edge using Magnolia DooHickey and I used a layer of white fun foam to mount my main Tilda image onto my card
Lovely wording by Stempelglade

Follow Your Heart ..
The most words that really I love!
Heart will never lie, that is I believe :)

Celine Dion says heartily;

If you follow your dreams, it means you follow your heart. If you do follow your heart, I don’t think you can go wrong.

 while I also read this beautiful inspirational quote :

You can do anything as long as you don't stop believing. When it is meant to be, it will be. You just have to follow your heart.
written by, Keke Palmer

See you on the last round guys,
meanwhile I wish you having a great day with full of happiness.

Tilda trip - Round 1

Happy Monday y'all!
How are you doing ? I hope you're doing fantastic!

If you followed me on my Instagram, you should find that I have colored three images about the school holiday/ trip.
Since back to school would be as exciting as the school holiday (at least for me when I was at than ages) I wanna share how I kept the trip memories.
I'll have three blog post with this theme, so hope you will stick with me for another two post later on,

and this is the round number 1;

Story 01 :

 Once upon a time, a kind-hearted girl named Tilda, she and her friends went on trip together because they were off school, they got a lot of things when they were on the trip, one of them found a small pond and when they played by the pond, there a frog jumps up to them!
For a moment Tilda remembered one of the stories about the frog prince who was looking for a princess ... and she wrote about her experience that day on her notebook .
yeah, school holidays are fun ... there are a lot of things on the trip that are rare to find when we are busy with school lessons.
after this, they continue the journey .

I started working on this card by stamping the images on Canson Illustration paper and coloring them using watercolor paint.
I am featuring an image from Magnolia Class Trip - Tilda with Froggy

I cut the frame using Magnolia DooHickey as well as the other decoration.
I used a layer of white fun foam to mount my main Tilda image onto the center of my card, I do double layers for the camera and hearts
Wording by Whimsy stamps while the edge of the image panel was hand stitched.

Frog ...
sometimes I can't describe my feeling about this animal :D
I know he is as cute as another kind of animal, but really I daren't enough to touch a frog!
how about you guys ?
hmmm ..
anyhow, I remember there is a nice quote about the frog,
from Kim Young-ha , he  is a modern South Korean writer and he says;

Don't be a fish; be a frog.
Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground.

a nice motivational words indeed.

I wish you can find a little inspiration from this round number 01 and see you on the next round, bye!