Life's a Breeze | Another summer card along with my traveling journal

Good Day everyone!

So glad to see that you visiting my blog again, and I hope you have a good week wheresoever you are. Today is sunny day here in the country I live as well as the island that I was traveling last month and again last week :) yeah it seems like I really love visiting that country for several reasons :) The best destination whenever I seek an escape place to be :D
It's been really hard to find the time to do some crafty work on the busy life somehow, but I always looking the chance.
I couldn't wait any longer, so here is my card for sharing with you;

I am pretty sure that some of us still enjoy the summer, especially the beach! 

My card is featuring the summer collection from Magnolia company.

Again, the beach really eye catching when the summer is  happening, 
Brande Roderick says ; The sun shines everywhere, not just at the beach.
but, I ever find a fun fact :

Best Escape Anyone Can Have
that the Beach

so, let's enjoy!

I started to make this project by picking out an image from the Pool Party Collection - Bath Tilda 

Stamping them with Versafine Clair - Pince cone onto Canson ilustration paper and water coloring her,  I cut the dolphines and beach sparkling  with the help of Magnolia DooHickey dies The idea for this card was to imitate a beach scene that Tilda is doing Sun Bathing :)

Here is some of my pages, I love to use passport size when I am traveling, I write just a short note but it means a lot that the size!
 Singapore is simply amazing! A short vacation in Singapore is definitely not enough if you want to eat and breathe Singapore. There is much to see and do. From the famed Chili Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice to Sentosa Island
I really enjoy every my visit here especially when my sons be there with me !
Hope you can find a little something that inspire you.

Enjoy your day!

Be brave, Seize (seas) the day! | Card and a journaling words of encouragement

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all having a good summer day (or maybe a beautiful summer vacation).
Today I am going to share with you a card with another summer theme and my spread pages about the words of encouragement.

sometimes, I find my self excited to make something and writing and get creative, but I was confuse.
Instead, I watch and saw other people's work and compare what I have not yet done to what they have already accomplished.
But I think .. this feeling not good, it makes me lose confidence in my self, doubt my abilities .. and I want this act to end.
I have to take a risk, learn a simply start and be brave ..

Seize the day!

so, here is my card :)

I am featuring an image from Magnolia (of course!) and I more than happy to find that I have a really nice word stamp for my card : Seas (seize) the day!

I use several kind of DooHickey - Magnolia dies from various set on my card; The heart frame was cut with Heart shape from Vintage Box while the sea things are cut with Magnolia dies from DooHickey Box

to complete the heart of this summer, here is my spread pages;

How I love that words, they give me a good boost and mood.
I use some stamps about navy and seas, and they are also Magnolia from the summer collection as well as the design paper.

When you find that you want to color or paint but you don't have any mood to make a card or something fancy, just try to use your colored image on your diary, journal or pages.
I find my self esteem getting better when I do a writing habit, so I hope it will help you too!

Have fun everyone, seize your days!

Miss you this summer | August inspiration with a hill scenery watercolor painting

Hi everyone!
I hope you are in well and having so much fun on July, and now we are welcoming the other month, the month of August,
for me, this month is particularly a special month , because one of my boy will accomplish his another milestones :)

Ok, that is my short story,
and today I have a card that I made for August inspiration featuring an image from Magnolia company while back ago, but I think she deserves to featured on a summer card

One fine sunny day in a village,
with a peace, calm and nice weather around, there is a girl with her cute giant flower .. she walks alone and she want to meet someone, someone far away, who she really misses a lot ...
she looked up at the sky, when there was an airplane ... she said, oh please take my heart to him and tell him that i miss him more than just a little!

I paint a background behind the image and I imagine about a hill when the Summer still around,
I know I am not an expert so I still have a little afraid when I paint on my card, but I remind my self; just being fun with all the idea and don't be afraid of making mistakes.

Making mistakes is a lot better than not doing anything.
 - Billie Joe Armstrong -

That was my favorite quote, and it always makes me more confidence when I am painting.

I cut some decoration with Magnolia dies from DooHickey box and Vintages box to get more interest, and the focal panel stitched manually.

I know I made mistakes here and there, but mistakes make me braver,and eventually mistakes make me even more happy to enjoy my painting journey :)

Have a day that means something, everyone!