Happy Birthday to someone special!

Hello, Magnolia lovers!

I’ve been meaning to share this card for over a week ago, somehow I love to photograph it but want to share this right in early June. Finally, I had a big pile of projects to take pictures of the other day and took photos of this one. It is probably my current favorite Birthday card – I love her pose so much!
And this is for someone special, that has been bringing so much Joy on Magnolia World with her Tilda and Edwin.

Featuring Balloon Tilda from Pop Fizz Clink Collection

Look at her pose with the balloon... Isn't she lovely?

Every once in a while comes a stamp set I can’t put down after just one stamped. I keep using it until I’ve stamped it in every possible way, colored using every possible color combination, and made every card imaginable.

Oh dear, pardon... I can't stop to photograph this cutie!

I actually started working on this card by stamping the image using Versafine ink and then coloring it with watercolor as usual, after she was colored I took a few drops of watercolor near the image and blew with a straw to get a more interesting effect.

Happy Birthday, dear!
All the best to you!

June Page | Doing nothing for something

Hello readers...

Hi everyone!
It was a gloomy day, third of June in twenty-twenty.
If you were struggling a little bit to get a new routine, you were not the only one. Let's use this June as another chance to try and believe for the better tomorrow.

Without any longer words, I hope you can take a deep breath and relax...

This is my first art page on June with Magnolia stamp, let's get into it;

I use two images from Magnolia stamp company, they are part of Pop Fizz Clink Collection.
I colored them using the watercolor medium, cut them, and I also used some accessories stamp from Magnolia Day sets.

Caution:  I took some photos for you to enjoy :) :)
Here they are...

Look how cute she is with a relax sitting.. really flawless.

and she is Tilda & Small Cake
Oh dear, I adore how she put her leg, so cozy and fit for another meditation position LOL!

The word stamp was from the Magnolia Day kit as well as the vintage stamp.
I pick the Rose Gold for the color hue and Aesthetic botanical for the theme of my page.

Just be PATIENT...


Until this point, I hope you'll find a little something from here to inspire you.
Have a Calm day!