A treat box | Winter scene

Hi folks!

How is the weather around you ??
Here on the country I live we still have the rain and sometimes it was heavy rain! Yesterday the heavy rain coming together with the wind and almost like a storm! 
But it seem everything is okay .. :) :)
Anyhow, I really miss to write a blog post although I still haven't a new project to share, but hopefully it is okay to show you my project which is published on the supplement magazine that come along with DooHickey's club vol 12

Here is my project,
inspired by the winter .. when cold outside somewhere and everyone will be happy with a sweet present coming, and contain some sweet things to warm the heart!

I put some cookies inside ..
and here some pictures for more closer looks;

I use a vellum to make the winter feel and everything are supplies by Magnolia stamp and dies.
For more information and the steps how I made this are published on the magazine.

Ok dear readers.. that's all from me today
Thank you for visiting me and hope to see you again soon!

Have a great day!

Hello New Year! Please be nice ..

Hello dear readers!

Oops ... !! Today is 6th of January 2017
and I am late to kick off my new year blog post :D
In real life I have a lots things to do but so far I enjoy all the moment of this new year moment,  I haven't too much goals that I wish to reach this year and also I am afraid to write a resolution due the actual of my life is never flat .. LOL!!!
But I still have a wish .. 
and I try to more consist with whatever I want to do.

and for the crafty life, I  have a thing that I want to share with all of you today, just a small thing but this is my hope that I can cook more on this year .. hee hee hee ..

Actually this is a fridge magnet, I adhere a piece of magnet on the back side of this decoration.
and the stove is cut from Magnolia DooHickey that I've got from Magnolia Advent calendar - Christmas Box. but you can buy it from Magnolia web store now as they released it together with Recipe Card collection

here more closer ..

I swear this oven is super super cute in real life!!!
and I adore how detailed it was.
All parts is include on just one dies set! so, it is a MUST have if baking and cooking is your fave activity!
but, this can be use on many occasion too :)

Ok folks, that's all from me today and see you again on another post.