A Birthday greeting!

Hi reader!

I'm still alive .. LOL!!!
yup, in the mean while on this buzzzy week.. I apologize if being MIA sometimes, but I miss you not just a little!

Today I have a chance to share a card with you, a petite birthday cad that I sent to special person  that had make we are all happy with lots of cute Tilda :)
I hope she didn't mind I share her card here, and wish lots of you would get some inspiration with it;

Because it was a special, I use my all the time favorite Tilda :)
Dies and papers are from Magnolia and I color her with a shabby touch.

I am so sorry that I've just have a short post today, but will try to get another chance to see you again soon!
Thank you so much for stopping by and 


Heading to the summer sail

Hi everyone!

It may seem that I am little bit quiet sometimes .. yeah it's school holiday here and that's mean time for kids :D
However I keep my promise to share the summer fun with you all, and this is one more with the songs inspiration ..

I am in the mood with water color lately and thought that it was so fun to do. For the background, I embossed the maps and generously use water when I play with water color.

Here the stamps I used : Ocean Map , Salute Tilda (all from Sea Breeze 2013)

I wish you a bright sun shiny day and thank you so much for stopping by on my blog.
See you again!

I sail over seven seas, to find to your heart :)

Escape for Summer - Ribbon Girl GDT

and welcome again on my blog space :)

Today I have a card to share, and I am so honored when Mary from The Ribbon Girl asked me to be her GDT.
I made this card for someone that so sweet , I hope when she got it she received my wishes too .. I wish she will have a great Summer Holiday :)

This is my card:


See, I try to make an environment to represent my mind about the Summer escape .. LoL
Forest camping, Sea breeze or just enjoy the lazy days .. everything just enjoy the Summer off :)

I am so sorry that I have not much time to post lots of picture, but I hope it's all clear with the details and here the materials I used :

From Magnolia :
Beautiful things From The Ribbon Girl :

That's all from me today
Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all the beautiful Summer Holiday!!


Gently, Sofly and ... LoVe

Hi !

Just a short post from me, and I would love to share about my love to coloring in other way from my usual.
For me, coloring is a doddle, a passion, a refreshment, a joy, an explore journey and .. a way to show the heart sing about :)
Today I wanna show you one of them ..

I just playing with my color pencils, and I am dating with sepia tone color :)

I felt in love with that cutie cupid on the first time but I have no idea to have a chance to color and today when I saw my pencils I just suddenly remember this cupid!
I don't know what you think about my sepia but anyway I love the result as much as I enjoy the process of coloring.
Nothing too fancy when I did it, just playing with several brand of my color pencils and just color with my heart .. oh yeah .. I have an inspiration ... that wasn't a photo or scene picture, but that was a song with the title "You are" sing by Dolly Parton :)

Sometimes I try to count the ways and reasons that I love you 
But I can't ever seem to count that far  
I love you in a million ways and for a million reasons  
More than this I love you as you are  
More than this I love you just as you are

You are my inspiration, you are the song I sing  
You are what makes me happy, you are my everything  
You are my daily sunshine, you are my ev'ning star  
Ev'rything I'll ever Hope to find, that's what you are 
Ev'rything I'll ever want for mine is what you are

You are my thoughts when I'm awake, my dreams when I'm asleep  
You are the reason for my smile, you are the words 
I speak Every role I play in life you play the leading part
Ev'rything I'd ever hope or need is what you are  
The only want i ever want for mine that what you are

Hope I didn't wrong with the lyrics .. I am so inspired with that beautiful song!

I wish you all a happy weekend ahead and I'll see you soon!
Thank you for stopping by.


Welcome Summer ...

Hello reader ..

It's been so long, like I am MIA for sometimes . but actually not so quiet here .. he he :-)
and today I am back again to share my card for starting this June , somehow I really want to fill this month with summer things. May be daren't to promise but I'll try my best :)
and here is for today,

 I made a card with a panel, take an ocean theme for waving the upcoming holiday season ..

Here is the photo for other angle to show the dimension on my panel card
I used Ohoj Tilda - Summer Memories 2012 , give her a water coloring with distress ink after I paint the background first using Faber Castell , nothing too fancy here but I just color her with happily.

Below is focusing to the panel I create,

I Paint the corrugate paper with white gesso first and put aside to dry.
Mixed acrylic paint with washable PVC glue and paint randomly on the panel, I used 2 color that represent the sea and sand :)
before they are drying completely I sprinkled Distress dry glitter powder from Ranger.
I show you the things on the next photos,

Other decorations  Dusky Blue button twine and clear Dewdrops they are from Ribbon Girl
I hope you will enjoy my card today and get inspiration.

Thank you so much for stopping by and will see you again!