Magnolia Advent Calendar Video 06 - Day 10 | Enjoy your stay!

Hello friends!

I can’t believe how quickly time goes by, it’s nearly Christmas! Just a few more days.
and in these past days, I had some videos for the Magnolia Advent Calendar, I hope you like my creations, and this is the last one I made for the Advent Calendar this year.
as always this one is part of  Magnolia YouTube channel.

My tag is using the stamp that I've got from the Christmas Box bag number 10
and I am so inspired with the image itself.

I made a set towel and face soap, then decorate them using the very simple tags featuring Tilda brings the towels.
p.s. I have a tip when you get your image stained accidentally.
I wish you can find little inspiration from this VIDEO when you need to decorate a present at the last minute ;)

Thank you so much, everyone.
Wishing you a happy December!

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