New image from Le Fleur Collection | Hearted words episode 3

Hi everyone!
I hope you're having a wonderful month so far, I am actually want to have five episodes about this series but I have another plan so I will wrap it out with this post.

This month of May seems like a beautiful month, the month of blossoms .. literally and metaphorically...
I found a good beautiful quote by Epictetus;
He says,
Nothing great is created suddenly, anymore than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it blossom, than bear fruit the ripen. 

that quote sums up my mood :)

Back to the mean focus on my card today, that I create inspired with that words :

The image I used here is coming from the latest Magnolia release - Le Fleur

Card Details :
First, I started working on all of my cards by stamping the image on Canson Illustration paper and coloring it with my most favorite medium; watercolor. I use both Distress ink and Winsor and Newton watercolor to color the image.
I die cut the frame and all flourish decoration with DooHickey Magnolia dies. and for the focal panel I did a manual stitching around the Tilda with DMC dark silver color, while the word is a Penny Black sentiment from back years ago.
Thank you for reading,
Have a good day that means something!

Stamp image on motivational pages | Hearted words episode 2

Hello everyone!
 How's going lately ?
I hope you're having a wonderful week ..

Let me share something for you today,
When I saw my kit from Magnolia and I found a cute images (Tilda) using a watermelon dress .. this is what I need to decorate my pages about being positive in real life :)

So, I hope you will read patiently and I would love to be with you until the end of this post;

Have you ever tried using the stamp images to decorated your notes, diary or daily journal ?
You can try if you haven't done so, sometimes I feel sorry when we lose the idea, but we have to much stamps in our stock. Why don't we find a way so it can be more useful.

I used a same image but I color them whit different color, a red watermelon and a yellow watermelon.
Isn't they are cute ?

and I collect some quotes that I love to keep for my personal motivation, and here they are;

Stay Positive!

my favorite quote is :
Don't let the seeds stop you from enjoying Watermelon

I hope you'll get some inspiration,
Have a wonderful day with something mean a lot!

Watercolor painting on cardmaking | Hearted words episode 1

Hi everyone!
I hope you're enjoying spring so far and having a good month.

It's a been a little busy on my end but I miss focusing on sharing/posting some inspiration work here, so here I have something for you to enjoy ..
I have both card making and journaling for today, so hopefully you will read until the very end because I would love to hear your thoughts on everything.

I have a story behind this scene ( only in my imagination, of course )

Once upon a time, there was a strawberry kingdom ..
The royal king has a daughter, Princess Strawberry :)
She loves to play in the strawberry garden owned by the kingdom, where the strawberries grow very big and fertile .. she is a kind daughter, and she has a wonderful dream .. if someday she will meet a kind, smart prince that love farming so that the royal people will still enjoy the sweetness of strawberry fruit without being disturbed by the enemy ... very peaceful ..

I use an image from Magnolia - Tilda with strawberry costume (I don't know her name yet, but the collection will release soon and the title is Fruit Salad Collection)
along with the image, I also use some dies (cloud and grass) from various volume of DooHickey Box.
and the big 3D Strawberry also cut from DooHickey dies that I believe you will love it as much as I do! I can put some perfume gel inside and I choose a strawberry scent.
I use watercolor to paint the big strawberry as well as all the scene

I do LOVE the peaceful scene of that strawberry garden, but it is hard to find the idea at the beginning, really ..
I found a quote that boost me, a quote that wholeheartedly by William Golding, he says:
" The greatest ideas are the simplest "
it does take courage to think simply and to not overthink and when we are able to muster up that courage, I believe that we can accomplish great things.
I am so grateful to find this word!

I am adding some Instax photos on my notes and they make a big different for my mood,
I think I find the mood of the month of May : 

I hope you'll find a little something from here to inspire you.
Have a beautiful day!