Kid Summer notes with Tilda

Dear all ...
Tomorrow I will leave my craft corner,
after this, my blog post are my scheduled post
but before it, I want to share my simple creation to you all..

When the summer holiday comes in other country,
here in Indonesia we have end-of- year school holiday
many mommies have plan to give her child a vacation or just have some recreation around the city :)
for kids, this time soooo fun!!!
so, i want to sharing a simple one that you can doing with your kids,

as I mentioned before, on this project I have no put some heavy embellishment, just simple things there as this one will give to a girl ( oops.. you can make for boys too with cute Edwin )

why simple things ??? because this a notes! it will bring to where she goes on this holiday and she can write down anything about her experiences on the inside ...which is good to use light embellishment, rite ?

here is some sample page, you can created your own, and will more fun if you make it together with her!
using any stuff you have, don't limits your creativity :)
anything in her study desk are treasures stuff to using not must buy any expensive one, just  have fun!

that's all my sharing, and fyi i have that idea from my best friend Vera. She is so talented crafter and always have much brilliant idea .. thanks Vera!!!

I hope you all have a great Summer Holiday ..see ya!



Dwita said...

Have a terrific holiday, Ly... Pretty little journal.

Moccavanila by Vera Rhuhay said...

enjoy your little break with your family :) , gonna miss youuuuuu

Moccavanila by Vera Rhuhay said...

oppsss..I forgot to write, I love your journal book! so pretty !!!

Creations by Mona said...

Its beautiful Yulis. Lovely idea will surely try with my kids. Have a great holiday.

Debbie Dolphin said...

So really beautiful sweetie xxx
You are so very clever. Hope you have a lovely break with your children xxx
debbie xxx

SUSAN said...

lovely always
Have a nice holiday