7 Days of Easter - Day 04 Art Envelope

Hello ..

Today is sunny day here!
and here is my day 04 on this 7 Days of Easter
3 days to go .. yey!
p.s. I will post the day 05 though ;)

Ok, today I have an Art Envelope ..
I am so inspired after i saw some crafter make an evelope so beautiful with water coloring and hand lettering .. about hand lettering .. I still learn for that so, this time I just paint my envelope;

and I personally love how it turns out .. I like its delight and I think I am gonna addict to make this kind of envelope :)

I am so happy to have my personalize stamp, they are so cute even I didn't color the mini image.

Spring .... I always think about all the beautiful of the spring :)
you can watch how I made this envelope on this video;

Supplies : Magnolia Hoppy Easter day 04 ; Magnolia personalized stampz

Thank you for reading, Have a lovely day!


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Candy said...

Hi Yulis,
My name is Candy and I am Shawn Mills mother.
I would like to order the personalized stamp from Magnolia, but I can't find it in their shop.
I am wondering if you could show me where to go to buy one.
Thank you very much, Candy Mills