7 Days of Easter - Day 03 Stationery Box

Hi again everybody!

Today's post id about what I make for day 03 Easter week :)
and what I am gonna share is a stationery set ; folding box and decorated paper clips.

as an ice cream lover, I am so exciting when I get this stamp and dies!
if you see that I didn't use many colors for ice cream is just because I am a vanilla lover too.. so my favorite one is : all scoop vanilla and mocha caramel :) :)
but for the shaker ... I put colorful filling .. " if I can't find a rainbow on cloudy day, I buy an ice cream and it pretty much the same thing "  .. hee hee ..

I use several kind of my dies to decorated the paper clips
and the rest of the clips I keep them on this folding box ;

I share how about to make this set on this video;


Supplies : Magnolia Hoppy Easter Day 03
Thank you so much for visiting me today and find your ice cream!
Have a good one!

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