Just saying .. Hello!!

Dear all ... 
It's me again :)
I promised to see you soon then I keep my promise and I see you today :D
I am too happy when I've got my Lost and Found collection from Magnolia and when I saw Tilda hold the board .. I thought I can write some message on there!
okay, let me ask you to follow my art journey today :)

a simply design! with some touch here and there ..
before we go to another picture, the name of image is Write a Message Tilda
as usual first I color the image, and today still using my distress ink .. (oh I miss my color pencils ..)
and before I go to decorate my card,
I saw a paper binder clip in front my desk, hubby left if may be .. :D
suddenly I thought, it will become a nice decoration for my card! so .. I emboss it with my Stampendous Shabby blue like the picture shown .. and I love it!
Bellow, I take a photo some of things I used
I think the picture tell it all .. but let me write some words okay?
use a small brush to paint the board with black gesso, sure you can color it with any black ink but with gesso you can write a message like on the black board! 
You can emboss sentiment with white embossing powder on it, but.. with pastel pencil you can write your words like a chalk did and it can be erase easily :)
on the edge, I use color spritzer  tool with distress marker and soft blending with blending tool.
Bark butterfly and Pebbles are from Prima , Paper is Basic Grey 
Yup! that's all for today and will back again next week .. in the mean while I wish you a very lovely weekend!!

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