Romantic Memory in the shade of Lilac

Hi craft lover ..

Today I want to share with you something about romantic but the sweet romantic memory was come from the long .... time ago...
It was a beautiful moment if a girl would say :
I married my best friend ;)
so, here my work made it with the sing in my heart..
for remembering the romantic continuing for the last ever and after...

I used Magnolia rubber stamp named Tilda Edwin Dancing from Merry Little Christmas 2010 , why I picked them ? for me Christmas one of the romantic moment beside valentine.. it was rainy days on Christmas eve here on the country I lived, so it's so romantic for couple to spent the cozy weather together :)

I choose the shade of lilac ( I am so hard with lilac but I want to try ..)

That's my card today and I do love to share with you all, most of all if you'll get some inspiration from my work, it's my precious ..
Thank you for stopping on my blog.


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Barbara GR said...

Gorgeous card!!!! I love all on it!!!
Barbara GR