Happy Birthday! | A card with a story

Hi everyone!
I hope that everything doing just fine with you all.

It's me again, and today I have a card with a story
and also I am featuring the new collection from Magnolia: Hugs and Kisses
This collection has some images and they are super cute!

Do you notice, there are a lot of die cut that I use?
Yep is something I rarely do,
but honestly, sometimes I really want to decorate my card with some die cut too
 and today is the day :)

Here I used several stamps from Magnolia;
and Magnolia DooHickey dies from several collections

There is a story behind the scene,

Once upon a time, in a small village at a foothill ... there lived a  family, a nobleman, and his wife. and they are blessed with a beautiful and kind daughter, her name Tilda.
Tilda has a cat named Napoleon and she loves Napoleon very much.
One day when she had a birthday and she got lots of gifts from her parents and her friends, but there was a small gift ...  no name is written on the gift ...
but a note is in it,
For a nice little girl, this little gift contains a big hope that you will be the happiest person all your life because you have a kind heart ...
From little fairies.
Oh, it turns out ... the little fairy who lives in the hill sends the most beautiful gift to this kind little girl.

Thank you for reading,
Have a lovely day!

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Suzi said...

Loved reading your Story behind the card and I also loved your card, beautiful colouring, masking and die cuts.