Be Brave | Card for Encouragement and Kindness

Hi readers!

Always good to be back, and I have a card to share for today.

I have a personal note that I'll write on this post so please bear with me and it would be my honor if you stay and read until the very end. But first, let we dive into my card;

I am featuring Boxing Tilda from The Winner Takes it All 2011
She is one of my dreaming images, and I really happy that finally, I have her!

here are some detail from my card;

To begin I colored the image, then I used some Magnolia DooHickey from several collections (Vintage Box and DooHickey Boxes) to die cut some decorations.
I want the image to be the main focal, so I'm not busy with lots of decoration.
I put some hearts though, not too much but not less.
 Sentiment/word I used here was from Stampin'Up! years ago collection
and all design paper are Magnolia paper. 

That is my card looks like,
and here is my note:

Back years ago I really a big fans of a greeting card, I do love Christmas card so much and I am a fan of a Birthday card. In many ways, I ever thought about how a card could deliver our attention to others.
One day Magnolia stamps were stolen my heart!
They had a lot of images that we can play with, to make any occasion of cards.
but today, I pick an image that I really want to have for so long and yippee! finally, I got it from Magnolia.
 Some images may be confused us, for what they will be fit. but believe me, they have usability that we aren't realized now
Maybe somebody has been confusing about what kind of card that can use this (Boxing) image, me too!
Until I found myself, I want to share .. that we can deliver our heartedly thought for someone who needs it the most
When you're dealing with life problems or health issues, a daily dose of inspiration may make a big difference. yeah, if someone says "think positive" during the difficult time, it can be much easier than done. but whatever it was, at least let's try to encourage and hope the card with our message will bring some perspective and optimism to a situation.

a good quote from Nelson Mandela, he says;

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

at least, let's try to do something good!
Hope you find something from my blog post today,
Thank you and Have a great day!


Laura said...

This is an amazing card Yulis and I very much enjoyed reading your post. This is what card making is all about, lifting people up.


Linda Pekrul said...

I love this card, as I do ALL your cards and projects that you make! It really IS the perfect piece of inspiration for someone going through a difficult time. When you’ve been given a challenge from life, receiving a card like this is so uplifting and supportive. It is something that you can look at everyday and feel the love and caring that has been sent to you.