Merry Christmas from Tropical Island

Hello readers ..

On the 25th of December, I was up on Magnolia YouTube Channel and I share about my projects using the goodies from the Advent Calendar pocket week 4

As you know, I live on the tropical country that have a lot of islands but we do not have snow or winter season. 
For me, Christmas is about LOVE and faith .. so, we need a pure heart to celebrate the Christmas instead the snowflakes :)
Anyhow, lots of people enjoy the Christmas holiday overseas and enjoy the winter .. sound exciting though! but some people also have the holiday on the island with the sunlight and picnic basket .. all are good!

These are the set that I made, Christmas gifts could be pack with many ways so I choose a tropical smell for mine :)
You can't go wrong with the gift card if you need a present on the last minutes .. LOL!!!
I show you my card with the gift card holder;

as a chocolate lover .. I always thinking about chocolate on every gift I made .. :) )

You can watch how I made this set on YouTube 

Thank you so much for reading
and ..

All the best for the New Year!

Warm wishes from me to you ..

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Sol said...

You are one creative soul.. Love your book!... Beautiful Decorations and Beautiful Colouring.. And you make it look so easy!.. And I would not have known how to use the dies if it had not been for you all.
Thank you so much!