Midori insert | Color mixing chart

Hi everyone!

This is may be like a random blog posting from me, but I love to give you my happy sharing about my mixing color chart. 
I love to painting some background on my card, I also love to do simple soft painting so I need my own color chart.

Actually, I always follow my feeling to mix the colors when I am painting, but as I am not such a professional painter { yes I am a beginner that want to explore and learn more } I need a guide when I am confuse which color that going nice together.

from all the watercolor I ever have, I am so love with Cotman from Winsor and Newton [and I am dreaming for the artist series .. oneday!] 
Few days ago, I was adding another color to my collection ..they are Violet dioxazine and Scarlet lake.
I want to make my another color mixing chart, and will insert it on my Midori.

I am happy with the result I got, many more soft pastel color coming from those colors

I have such a sweet friend, and I am so thankful with all the cute toys she sent to me ..
if you want to find the  beautiful sequins you can buy from her
 also this cute little foxy as well. Thank you Paulina !!

as I mentioned before, I always make my color chart as Midori insert.. so I can bring them out wherever I want.

Ok readers ...
Thank you so much for your patient to read all my post today, and hopefully I can be back with my other card soon, bye ..

xoxo, Yulis

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Vera Rhuhay said...

Love ..love ..love this!