August random post

Hi there!

I know that I am missing sometimes from the blog and in the real life I am away from my craft desk too .. oh my .. yup! there are a lot of matter that require me to pause from my hobby for a while, but sure it wouldn't take some ages too .. LOL!!!
I missed this crafty world and also this coloring world is a place for me to relax from the hectic period.

But, I am so sorry that there is no card yet to share here due I have to search my mojo and to recharge my mind :D
I have another thing though to write down here ..
When I am starting to clean my work space I find some buddies that will help me out to bring my mojo back.
one from them is a paper grid :)
I don't use them all of the time but I have real problem getting things straight so I find it helps me that's a lot when I am stamping and assembling.

also I was so happy to dating with Edwin (I colored some images) and here are the shots :

I will something with my colored images, and I will share here when it finished :)
Until then I wanna say thank you so much for visiting me today and see you again on the next post. Bye!


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