It's Christmas! and It's good to be home at Christmas :)

Hi everyone!!

Really I don't want to pass the December with no Christmas decoration ho..ho..ho..
At this moment I must prepare everything to going to my mother home for Christmas.
as I am the only one daughter of my parents, they always love if during the holiday we can get at home together and have a brilliant family time.. nice!
so, what the matter happened to me I love to going home for Christmas holiday ..
This year I want to give my parents  simple gift but make it with love ;)

but... I just have an usable wooden piece and some news paper with Christmas news .. okay, I have my Little Tilda, she will help me to make a decoration :)

here the outcome:
I wrapped the wooden piece with the news paper randomly using mod podge glue, than put it on some white gesso, distress some edge with walnut stain then starting decorate it :)

I used lot of decorations that describe my childhood, hhm... can't wait to eat the cake when I smell the cinnamon .. he he he

My image treats with clear embossing powder and using utee for second embossing part for having more thickness.

That's my decoration, and I wish my parent love this and will place it on their room :)

Thank you for stopping here and wish you all ready to go for Christmas shopping :D



Anonymous said...

I love this work! very cute!!!

Sol said...

This is Absolutely Gorgeous.. Fantastic Coloring.. WOW... you are Great with Coloring.. Beautiful work.. I am sure your parents will be very happy for it.. Beautiful Decorations.. Gorgeous Snow-Crystals.. And So Beautiful put together...
I did not understand quite.. -Are you not going home for Christmas this year??... Hope you are well and I wish you a Fantastic Holiday.. Big Hug from Norway! :o)

Nicole said...

What a beauty again Yulis!! I want to let you know that I received my prize from Magnolia Sweden today. And OMG what a prize!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for picking my name!!! I wish you and you beloved ones a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!! Hugs, Nicole

SUSAN said...

very pretty....
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Happy holiday too