Me and my lovely one

Hello dear m friends and my fellow ...

as i am not on my craft corner for few days, so sorry i don't have a card for sharing with..
i was accompanying my son during this National final test,
may be i don't be his private teacher anymore but i do believe with his mother on his side he can studying better, have a comfortable zone..
i do everything for my son and the best that i can give are my support and pray :)

ooh , by the way i still have something to share with you..
it's about my very important tools when i am crafting; yes .. that was my reading glasses =))
and when i saw the box very plain; i do decorated it!
with some fabric, laces, flowers and my FAVORITE : Longing Tilda!

not just decorated my glasses box but i have made my Tilda Doll to compliment with it ..
so, my desk not quite plain, i love my reading glasses on the box with my sweetie :)

that's my Lovely one that i mentioned on the title of today's posting :)
Thank you for peeking and hope you all in Happy times



Lillemor said...

Wow, how lovely! Also adore your little Tildadoll, so pretty!
Hugs Lillemor

Debbie Dolphin said...

Oh Yulis I just ADORE your felt dolls. They are just amazing. You are so very clever xxxx simply stunning xx
Big hugs
Debbie xxx

SUSAN said...

Bonekanya cantiiik mbak...kok bisa mirip banget ya ama Tilda....keren abissss...
bener2 kreatif....


Aya said...

They are both verry beautiful, what a good idea for the case off your glasses, mind if I do it do?

Loving wishes,

Brittany said...

Gorgeous.. lovely colouring, what a great idea.. Hugs, Brittany, xoxo

Creazioni Topina said...

is a sweetheart! congratulations!
kisses kisses