Spring painting background Ft. Watered Tilda

Hello my dear readers ..

Today is a gloomy morning here, cloudy and the rain falling sometimes,
I think this is a good atmosphere :)
and in this beautiful morning, I wanna share one of my card with you ..

yeah ..
I love to share my clear card design, due the weather that surround me ;)
and it has its story behind ..
One moment in time, on the beautiful Spring, Tilda happily gardening with her kitty, they are playing, watering the flowers and laughing together ..
is was Happy Memories to remember the now

That is the whole design, it simple but I want to deliver all the beautiful morning breeze through the card I made today.

Here is the closer look :

I paint the background with very loose water coloring, 
and I really want to share with you how I did it,
Please excuse me, it just an [ amateur ] version of water coloring but I am hoping so much you will enjoy to see I am painting ;)

Supplies :
Winsor and Newton half pan water color and brushes
Distress Ink

Thank you so much for reading , Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Yulis



Christine Thomas said...

Beautiful x

laurigami said...

Fantastic creation , hugs

Альбина Рассеина said...

Camilla said...

I love this little story about Tilda and her Kitty❤️
Sooo beautiful your card is. Love your coloring so😍😍😍

OK said...

Очаровательно! Спасибо за урок!