I'm glowing on the dark!

Hello peeps!

I don't want share with you the weather here .. 
because I don't want you to join me at the super hot weather .. LoL !!
yeah ... poor my aircon nowadays and I just can't imagine my electricity billing next moth because I use the aircon all day long!!!
in the evening still warm and when the night fall .. phew!! it's little bit cool :)
oh ... see .. I took a picture with the super bright background?? according the situation I think .. ha ha

okay, today I have play with some fun medium that I found them not use for some times! I grab my super cute image from Magnolia - Bunny Prince from the Lost and Found collection 2013
I almost lost him but thanks God I found him finally :D
I just coloring with my usual medium - distress ink and once it was completely dry then I paint him with "Glo It" paint from Deco art.

I need a cute present for someone cute this weekend and I don't want to make anything else but a simply cute bookmark! for a book lover ;)

pictures below show you how my cutie turn on like neon on the dark ..

First, I took the picture with all lamps are on, then I left just 1 small bulb and finally I turned off all the light and he is glowing!!
maybe I must to take another picture with a dark background to show you how glow he is,

Yayyy!!! .. my Bunny Prince turn on like a neon on the dark and he doesn't left his cutie face :))
Thanks to my friend Vera, she is ask me to take photo on the darkness ;)
(note to my self, I have to learn more for photo technique)

I can't possibly think of an easier way to make a fun background at this moment so I choose another way to create the image more fun.

Open my door .. back to the day light !! ha ha
the last picture shown that I didn't let the back from my book mark just plain, the beautiful ribbon still from the Ribbon Girl and simple knot make it more gorgeous!

and don't know I suddenly wrote so much words today?? hope you didn't get bored and I'll see you again on the next post.
Thank you for stopping by and Have a great day!




Unknown said...

Yulllll what a great idea. U always have amazing idea. Share me with the "glo it" pleaseeee. Hugs amazing yulis

Cathy Lee said...

So simply cute, Yulis.

Riet Kamstra said...

He is super cute Yulis, with and without Neon, but the neon makes it more special, just love it! Maybe you can read a book in the dark now ;)
The weather here is cold windy and raining almost all day, and we are camping now, but will go home for the weekend.
You have a wonderful weekend!

NPurdum56 said...

What a cute idea! Love it! :) Nancee

Karen said...

Great project! So very cute.


Unknown said...

WOW!! This is awesome, Ce Yulis.
Where I can buy "Glo It"??

Dian Ratna.