Small Pocket for Lunar New year

Hello beautiful blogger :)

Time flies so fast isn't it ?
today on my time table is in the end of January :)
about ten days ahead, there will be a Lunar New Year on Chinese calendar
and as my parents still have a little bit about the tradition, my mom asked me to make some cute pocket for celebrate the Lunar New Year, so.. it's time to my copics! I used my water coloring most time but I count on copics sometimes. I used Tilda on my creation off course,  my mom .. she loves Tilda as much as I do.. LOL
and here my work with Magnolia mini world - Chinese Tilda (Bon Voyage collection) :

Some people going home for good on the night before the new year, and have dinner together with all the big family, kids are the very happiest one because tomorrow morning when they said to their parent and the oldies  : Happy New Year!! then they will get a little red pocket .. and money inside with the Good Luck wishes

so, parents and anyone who has been married must prepare some of that little red pocket :)

and there are some people loves to bring a gift for their parent and maybe for their grand parent too.
most of them love to bring delicious food, fruits like oranges and apples are the favorites, not forget some candies and preserved far east fruits, but the beautiful gift can be a piece of silk.. and  that my choice!

That's all my story today,
now I want to leave my LCD because I miss my brush and pencils so much .. I am gonna play with them hahaha..

Bye for now and thanks for peekin'


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