7 Days of Easter - Day 06 Spring Journal with Tilda

Hello dear readers,

I'm back again, yeah .. it's good to be back :) :)
and today I have my day 06 from the 7 days of Easter this year and it's about a journaling ..

currently I am in love with my Traveler's notebook ; I can write and doodling what ever I want and  the most I love is I can play with some water coloring too ..
When I opened my day 06 from Magnolia Hoppy Easter .. I got some new toys for my notebook .. yey!!
and I decided to write my Spring journal with Tilda;

Ti;da happy face so cute!, I think I want to play more with her later .. how about soon ? yeah.. I promise!

I am platying with water coloring, free doodling some spring flowers, write a spring poem ..
oh I just felt kinda love with the Spring Smile!

you can watch me when I did it on this video;

Supplies : Magnolia Hoppy Easter day 06 ; W&N Cotman watercolor ; Sarasa Sepia

Enjoy your day everyone, Have a beautiful Spring!


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