Just listen to your inner ... | Another clean and simple design

Hello everyone!
 Today I am sharing a card with dearly world, I use oldie but goodie dies from DooHickey box that released back years ago along with a stamp from the Sun Beam collection as well.

I hope I can enjoy this April, and find the happy side on each day on this month :)
Stay positive!

I thought today I’d share my recent experiences of thinking more about a design for my card that I can focus on the images it self yet can combine it with the fit ambience to get a good look at the end, yeah this is still too far from the perfect but anyway I try it and I still want to explore more about my passion and learn on design a card with my own style.

Card Details :

First, I stamped the picked images on a piece of watercolor paper (Canson Illustration paper) and colored them with Distress ink. Next, I created my background using Winsor & Newton watercolor paint. I also die-cut a cute tag and heart using the dies from DooHickey Box Vol.3
The base card was cutting using a frame from DooHickey Box and I stitched the image panel edges manually.
Adding beautiful word from Stempelglade and finally a texture touch came from DMC thread.
I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful week! 


Bunny Parade #5 | It's a spring card inspiration (last of bunny series)

Hi friends!

This is my last post about the bunny, and Spring Smile wrap Bunnies series out!
The clocks changed , so how about some cute bunny action at the end of March ?
I bet they are starting happy to welcome the Spring!

I have a bunny here :)
This is a spring idea or inspiration card featuring Tilda with Little Bunny from Magnolia Spring Collection - Sun Beam 2018

Card Details :

I started working on all of my cards by stamping the image and coloring it with my most favorite medium; watercolor. I use both Distress ink and Winsor and Newton watercolor to color the image.
I die cut the coaster and all the floral with DooHickey Magnolia dies. and for the focal panel I did a manual stitching around the Tilda while the word is a Stampin'Up! sentiment from back years ago.

I wish .. for the beautiful spring!
and here some of my favorite quote about the spring breeze ..

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.
Pablo Neruda

Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. 
Robert H. Schuller

The winner of Magnolia DT Sun Beam Blog Hop

Hi everyone!

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Let's play under the Sun beam! | Magnolia Designer team Blog Hop

Hello friends!
I am so happy to see you again on my special post :)

Big Welcome to the Magnolia BLOG HOP
sponsored by Magnolia rubber stamps in Sweden! 
With the Sun Beam collection!
I’m delighted to be part of a blog hop from the Magnolia designer team (more about the hop and giveaways below).

If you came here from Maria Irene you are on the right track.
However if you've just happen upon my blog, you can CLICK HERE to start from the beginning at Erika's blog

Today I have a Spring card featuring the top of my favorite on this collection : Tilda with Foxy 
in fact I can't choose just one from this collection because all of them is way too cute to skip.

I decided to focus on the images it self for my card today and do some free watercolor painting for the background using watercolor paint.

I wanted to create a simple card with a whimsical story, Tilda and Foxy will be the main focus along with the word also from the Sun Beam collection that I think it was really beautiful to go together.
I took some photos when I paint the pine tress and share with you here;

To begin, I stamped the image using Ranger Dye ink and color her with several kind of watercolor mediums like distress ink (Vintage photo) for her skin, Faber Castell watercolor pencil for the hair and other was coloring using watercolor paint.
I didn't use any masking fluid to cover the image but instead I use a brush with good sharp point to paint the background.
I mix Sap Green with Dioxazine Violet to get the the natural color of the soil that I want.

Next, I lightly painting the sky  and the color I use are Turquoise, Prussian blue and the color of Indigo.

Once the sky is completely dry I start to paint the pine trees, I paint the distant pine trees first and I am using several color of blue and green ( Prussian, Peacock green) with generous amount of  water.

The closer pine trees, I paint with a mixture of green and sepia. I added a dark color to show depth and to give more interest on the painting.

To finish, I stamp the sentiment, added some foam  just under the focal panel so they have some dimension, layering with a designed paper from Magnolia and now it's a wrap!

Now it is tie to hop over to my wonderful team mate Camilla H 's blog and enjoy her fabulous creation!

As with all good hops, there are bundle of prizes! You will have a chance to win a secret prize sending directly from Magnolia in every stop on the hop!
So, ensure you leave a comment below before you move on :)
Keep on hopping guys and leave some LOVE!
The Blog Hop will end this Sunday, March 18th

Thank you so much and GOOD LUCK!

If you want to hop a bit here and there, here is the whole blog hop list ;

Bunny Parade #4 | Bunny and her carrot

Hello, friends ..

It’s already the 14th of March and it means Easter just few week ahead!
oh! oh! I have to hurry with my another bunny .. LOL!!

In today’s episode I’m making a Spring card featuring an adorable bunny from Magnolia back to years ago along with a Tilda pick a carrot :)
I love how they go together, so cute and well blended!

Card Details :

I started working on this card by stamping the images and coloring them using distress ink except Tilda's hair I use Faber Castell watercolor pencils.
I cut the frame using Magnolia DooHickey as well as the other decoration.
I used a layer of white fun foam to mount my main Tilda and bunny image onto the center of my card, I do double layers for the fence and the floral.

I have a little announcement ;)
I will be back with another post on 16th March and that would be a part of another Magnolia design team blog hop! "Blog hop" mean there are a lot of inspiration and also ... a prize!
so, be ready and stay tune!

Thank you so much guys for reading my today's post and See ya on Friday!!!

Bunny Parade #3 | Another spring pages using Magnolia stamps

Hello again dear readers!
We are arriving to March and sure spring is just about few weeks ahead! and to welcoming March I have a blog post today and it is my another spring spread using some bunny :)
Here is my another bunnies;

With Spring being not that far away I reached for my spring stamps from Magnolia and here I use three kind of stamps. One of my spring stamps from Magnolia is the bunny that released some time ago with the name : It's Spring Time

All bunnies start to busy aren't they ?
and what about your goal for this spring ?
I love to re-write a quote that I found around a motivational book and a short word that made me smile ear to ear :
Every bunny need some bunny, sometimes
so true!

I apologize that I didn't write the details of my journal this time but hopefully the picture speaks for you :)
Have a beautiful day everyone!

Bunny Parade #2 | Huge Bunny Big Hugs

Hello friends!
Today the last day of February and I’m so excited to be sharing another adorable bunny from Magnolia, and here is my second bunny from my mini series; Bunny Parade;

 I heard that somewhere out there, the snow still falling and many of my dear friend got the cold and froze weather! I think for the past few days they have been longing for spring. It’s very sunny and warm in Indonesia, I wish for the new life for plants over there and very excited to see the desert bloom again. While it’s still going to be a few weeks before the spring and rains come, I back to my stamps and paper and translated my wishes for spring to arrive to you onto a card with a Huge Bunny Big Hugs 

In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move. Henry Rollins
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/spring
In winter I plot and plan,
In spring I move
- Henry Rollins -

Details :

I started working on this card by picking out the image and then I color her with distress ink for her skin tone and hair, while I paint her suit and the bunny with Windsor and Newton watercolor paint. I use vintage stamp from Chamil Garden and the post mark  from Magnolia stamps to embellish the backgrounds of my cards. The dies I use here also from Magnolia - DooHickey dies.

Keep warm everyone!


Bunny Parade #1 | Spring favour - Journaling with Magnolia

Hi readers!
May be it's cold over there, but spring is just around the corner! and to celebrate it I will do some blog post in few days ahead with bunny as a little artist for this spring chapter :)

Here the first bunny;

I created another page of my journal book using the image from Magnolia, Tilda with her Bunny was coming from years ago but this is my favorite image!

No matter how long the winter, spring sure to follow ..


 First I color this stamp using distress ink and then I cut my colored images out with my scissors, I wanted to find a way to incorporate this focal image with another stamp images from a variety of Magnolia Stamp -mostly Vintage Box in various series.
I used a design paper from Magnolia and some Chamil Garden washi tape to decorate my page. I started working on the backgrounds for my page with some watercolor too. I feel like the backgrounds as just as important as the foregrounds of a project.
 If you know my style, you know that I love water coloring, but I’m not a massive fan of very bright color. and I finished off my journaling by re-write some quote that I like to read again in the future.

Have a beautiful lovely spring!

Spring Cleaning has begun | Village background watercolor painting

Hi everyone! 
Welcome back for another episode from my spring chapters, and I will have some bunnies parade in a couple days ahead but, I want to kick off with this spring card :) 

In today’s episode I’m making a simple Spring season card showing a village scene using watercolor painting, If you’ve been following me for some time you might have noticed how in love I am with watercolor painting to tell a story on my card.

Details :

I  started to work on my card by stamping an image, I choose Watered Tilda from Spring Fever collection, colored her with Distress Ink, once my coloring was done then I sketch the scene with pencils. Next, I paint the background using Winsor and Newton Cotman , while the paper I use is Canson Illustration Paper. Lastly I stamp the sentiment also from Spring fever Collection.
All dies I used here also from Magnolia company.

Thank you so much and Have a lovely Spring!

Journaling with Magnolia | Inspired by a classic story Alice in wonderland

Hello readers!

This is my first post in February [the month of love] so I wanna say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all your supports, encouragements and all the spirit that you drop here on my blog space, and I am so grateful to have you all!
This year I decided to dive into the world of writing beside painting and card making, and I couldn't be more excited about it! so I'm really looking forward to the freedom and creativity of art journal! 

a little story about me, I love to read classic story, when I read.. I often found that there are lots of inspired words on the stories.
 and I rather to rewrite those inspire words instead I grab my pen to highlight it.

I am featuring Magnolia stamps on my journaling ; and they are coming from Magnolia PopUp Box Vol.4
This set is released on limited time, and I just love this cute Tilda as Alice :)

Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic, Alice in Wonderlamd

For a century and a half it has delighted and puzzled us in equal measure. We have fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice, taken tea with her and the Mad Hatter, been maddened by the Cheshire Cat and had to convince the Queen of Hearts that we didn’t steal her tarts!

I will never get enough for classic story, and my favorite words from Alice in wonderland is :
I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

Details :
All stamps from Magnolia company
writing and journaling on Midori Traveller's Notebook

Thank you so much for reading.