What an amazing evening with my lovely team mate

Hello all my friends over there ..

I can't wait too longer to show you my excited dining ever!
Amazing me, that i have the wonderful chance to have meet Ying Pang
She is my friend trough facebook, we have the same passion and one day we are friending each other ..
yes .. we love Magnolia!
Time passed years, I can't believe that I could be in the same team with her on the great Magnolia team ;)
So, when I told her that I will go to Singapore, then she said let's meet together ..
I started count down the days with excited..

Until on the evening on 22th March 2013, that was our great day ever :)
I love to share our picture together ..

Really .. we can't believe it was happened, but we are very grateful for this meeting.
We meet @ Novena Square, made chit chat from evening till the night come down, if my son and her daughter not ever sleepy I bet we want to talk and talk and talk.. until the sun rises LoL

and for her, my dear friend Ying .. I made something but cant tell you why she loves this Mr Rooster a lot! hahahahaa..
you better ask her for sure ;)

Hopefully this one can be a piece of  keep shake about our first meeting, why I typed "first" ? because I want to meet her again :)))

That's my sharing today, will upload more my creation when I have the steady internet connection again.
see ya!!

My love for you from the Sunny Island!

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Irene said...

I fully understand why you were so thrilled to meet each other Yulis! Our hobby is soo great and Magnolia-lovers all over the world just become good friends!
The rooster, well isn't it something Asian-people love (especially the men) .....suka sekali ayam??

xx Irene