Tilda trip - Round 2

Hello again everybody!
Hope that you still with me, and today we will jump to the round 02 on this episode of Tilda trip :)

Because after I counted, I have been with you for more than 6 years on this blog, I want to share a little something for you, honestly I want to share with all of you ... like we'll hanging out together to enjoy ice cream? .. :)
I will choose 3 of you, my good friends ...and send that little gift from my desk in Indonesia :)

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I will return later on round 3 and this is round 2;

Story 02 :

After a few days, Tilda and her friends arrived at a very pleasant place. yes, they arrived on the beach! This beach not only has sand but also there is a fishing village there. Tilda and her friends learn how the fishermen live, they are enjoy some fresh young coconut water and the delicious grilled fish on the beach, it's fun! They didn't forget to write down all the practice they got during this holiday season ... and of course they do a must thing during on trip, taking pictures together!
Looks like they have to go back to the city, because the holidays almost over, so the next stop should be around the city park..
Ok let's follow their next trip!

  I started working on this card by stamping the image on Canson Illustration paper (it is 200gsm paper), coloring her using watercolor paint, and then I paint the background using Sakura watercolor paint, oh yes I have so much fun to trying this paint anyway ..

I am featuring an image from Magnolia Class Trip - Sightseeing Tilda

I cut the lace edge using Magnolia DooHickey and I used a layer of white fun foam to mount my main Tilda image onto my card
Lovely wording by Stempelglade

Follow Your Heart ..
The most words that really I love!
Heart will never lie, that is I believe :)

Celine Dion says heartily;

If you follow your dreams, it means you follow your heart. If you do follow your heart, I don’t think you can go wrong.

 while I also read this beautiful inspirational quote :

You can do anything as long as you don't stop believing. When it is meant to be, it will be. You just have to follow your heart.
written by, Keke Palmer

See you on the last round guys,
meanwhile I wish you having a great day with full of happiness.


michelle d said...

When you follow your heart everything will fall into place. I love the beautiful beach background you created

Christy Designs said...

Sukaaa sama ceritanya, tunggu kelanjutannya. Coloring Tilda nya cakep, apalagi background nya.

Jean said...

what a beautiful card with a sentiment to match xx hugs x

Chris said...

Another beautifully tender card, Yulis. It's so soft and delicate. I love the color you are using for her facial skin. It's sort of golden. Your story telling is wonderful and just sets the atmosphere for your card. Thank you for sharing the story and the art. XO


Candy said...

I am following your great Trip Story and loving it!
Your painting is absolutely FANTASTIC, Yulis!!!

Big Hugs, Candy

Pernilla Lindell said...

Your background colouring is amazing ❤️

Kerri said...

I so love what you create I love The messages the softness..nice nice

tartita framboesa said...

Voce é maravilhosa e suas pinturas são de muita inspiração 😍👍

paperpapier said...

You really has amazing colouring skill. I wish I can be half as good.

Christine Mosen said...

This is a beautiful background. You are so skilled and I'm so happy to see your beautiful coloring 💙

Sol said...

Fantastic 3D Colouring looks so real! FAB FAB Colouring! You are so talented!
Beautiful quotes!

Cindy said...

This again is so gorgeous! And what a great imagination you have. Love the story! Hugs, Cindy

Linda said...

Love this card. Your background is beautiful. You are very talented!