Tilda Trip episodes, the winners are ...

Hello readers!
This is my post to announce the winner from my last Tilda Trip episode, first I wanna say thank you so so so ..  much! from the bottom of my heart for all your supports, encouragements and all the spirit that you drop here on my blog space, and I am so grateful to have you all!
I will not be able to go this far without the support of all of you, on this blog I can practice to improve my writing skills in English, sharing my work and hoping to inspire many friends.
and all of that magically happened!
Summing up for my three Tilda Trip episodes, today I have the winners!
Please keep in mind that for the true I really wish I can mention all my readers as the winner, but  yeah anyway the three person was picked and they are :
Christy Design
Congratulation for all of you girls!!
and please send me an email at yulis.kartika77@gmail.com for the detail of your address so I can sent the goodies for you :)

Again, I thank you so much for all of you my dear readers, hopefully I can do another happy sharing in the future.
your visiting is the most I appreciate, so I always love to say, see ya!


Christy Designs said...

Wow...Thank you so much Yulis for choosing me as a winner. I will email soon

Chris said...

Congratulations to Candy and Christy! Thank you, Yulis, for picking me! I am so surprised! I needed something good to happen today! (((hugs and thanks))))


Candy said...

Congratulations Chis and Christy!!!!

Thank you so very much for picking me Yulis :o) It is so exciting.

Big Hugs, Candy