So exciting!!

Hi Magnolia lover over there  ...

I will share with you my happiness today , yes!! I meet my teammies again..
Ying and Nancie come from Malaysia to Indonesia and this is soooooo cool..
we are laughing together, chit and chat .. aaaah  very fun !!
It seem we don't want to have the night fall today LoL
but.. we have to take a good rest tonight because we will have ... an event tomorrow on 29th Juny
we just called it : Magnolia Day
because we will meet much Magnolia lover here :)))
We'll have a workshop, make and take booth and off course : Doo Bee Pops Demonstration.

I will try to updating you very soon and tease you with lots of pictures, but before it here some picture to tease you earlier ..

until then everyone and will come back with another pictures :)
bye ....


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Monique Lokhorst said...

Wish I could be there to join you on this special day! Have fun ladies!!!

Big hugs from Holland,
Monique xxx