Tag - the final story ...

Hi there ..
it's me again .. LoL

Today I love to posting my simple tag using Edwin,
and as i told before about my Tilda's story, this is the last ..
Finally Edwin founded! He is playing in the beach on the tropical island ..enjoy the sun and have fun with some star fish :D
so that he placed the clue for Tilda "Dried star fish" on the village :))
oh my ... Tilda waiting for you Edwin! it was not just a minute but she has spent for several days! waiting for you on the sea shore, until one day she decided to find you, boarded a ship after she said goodbye for awhile to her bunny :)
yes! she found tour clue !!! ... haizzz now, will you happy to play together with her?
I think OFF COURSE, right ?

I hope i can see you again on my other story, and i really love if you willing to leave your few words here, so I can know your thought :)
Thank you so much and enjoy your weekend !


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SUSAN said...

waaaah, seru juga...semua ada ceritanya ya mbak....siiiiiiiip....
what a great story