Inspiration resourse - Film #2 | Aladdin + ending note

Hello beautiful friends!

as always I am beyond happy to have your visiting again here on my blog, and today I am going to be wrapping out this mini-series about "Film inspiration resource".
Honestly, the two posts cannot be called a series, pardon me :)
but more than that I hope they can still be one of the choices of inspiration for you all.

Here is the card for you;

Far away from the Middle East of Asia, there are Arabian Night.

Maybe, for some people, the animated film from Disney is just light entertainment, but for me, Disney works have a lot of inspiration and a good moral message in it. That's why I love every release of Disney Movie/Stories no exception for Alladin the Film.

and Princess Jasmine 's love story also very beautiful!
Her brave and kind heart is very touching.

for this card, I am featuring Alladin Tilda from the Believe of Unicorn collection 2018 along with the Arabic Night from the same collection.
Sentiment is coming from Mama Elephant.

Face it, princess, sometimes you just have to take a risk.
Aladdin says it to Jasmine

Very touching! We all want a man to help us step out of our comfort zone. Yes, even a princess needs a little push sometimes.

 Just believe, A magic can happen!

I dream of a pleasant time where there is a abundance of friendship, happiness and adventure with all of you,
I want to share my work like a bit of smile while deepin slumber.
So friends, thank you for stoping by.
I hope you find something fom here and wish to see you again very soon!


Candy said...

Yulis - Your card is magnificent!!!

Love, Candy

Thomina Augustinsson said...

Love!!! all your card 🥰❤💕

Patty O'Malley said...

So pretty!