Sweetest Honeymoon with Magnolia

Happy Sunday dear ....
Few months ago, I have my holiday in Bali
and beside the beach I love to enjoy some aroma therapy with traditional sense :)
It was so relax and refresh.
I thought some people must have this time to enjoy life or may be for a honeymoon vacation ?

Here is I have made the sets :

A door hanger for VIP room with traditional aroma therapy
and I love to used Tilda with bunch of Roses from Chasing Butterflies Collection

Mini Tilda was so fun to playing with also, with mini stamp we can decorated any packaging or a cutie goodies bag

Here they are on a set, I was using Doohickey to create more beautiful accent and for all Magnolia image are colored with Distress Ink.

I hope you can enjoy your relax time also and thanks a bunch for stopping here :)
p.s. if you like to see a picture about Bali, I shared one shoot on my corner, HERE

With Love,


Dwita said...

Fabulous. Now you have a particular Magnolia blog. Hope you'll be one of their DT some day in the very near future, Ly...

SUSAN said...

so sweet as always mbak....manteeeeeb bener Bu DT M'...hahahaaaa....

Blogger said...

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